Ugly spar in the Parliament between Advani and Mukherjee on the anniversary of 26/11

The anniversary of Mumbai attack also resulted in ugly fighting between the ruling party and main opposition party in Loksabha.

Leader of opposition LK Advani charged the government with neglecting the victims of 26/11 attacks. He said that out more than 400 eligible people only 118 have been given compensation checks.

He said even in case of recruitment in Railway only 32 eligible kiths and kin of the attack victims out of total 64 have been offered job by the Railway.

This resulted in an angry response from leader of the house Pranab Mukherjee.

He retorted, “You are making politics out of this. Earlier also you did it and were paid back. … You will be again paid back in your own coin,”

Sr. BJP leader Anant Kumar objected to this asking the government to answer the question of Mr. Advani.

At this some members of the house were observed shouting �shame-shame�.



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