Pakistan-China Military Nexus a cause of serious concern: India

merisarkar news service
New Delhi, November 27, 2009

Defence Minister AK Antony has said that China’s military nexus with Pakistan is a cause of concern for the country and we will have to be vigilant at all times. He was speaking at a function at prestigious defence institute IDSA in New Delhi on Friday.

He said, “India has to carry out continuous appraisal of Chinese military capabilities and shape its responses accordingly.”

The Defence Minister said India is hopeful that China would reciprocate to its initiatives aimed at mutual prosperity and understanding. Mr. Antony said India wants to develop a friendly and cordial relationship with its neighbours including China.

The Defence minister said Pakistan is not taking credible steps to put an end to terror groups operating from its soil. Pointing out that the terror infrastructure in Pakistan remains intact and is actually thriving,

Defence Minister AK Antony said India needs to closely monitor the developments in that country. He said Pakistan is yet to demonstrate any will to take speedy action against terrorists and international criminals.



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