More than 380 deaths due to Swine Flu in the country

Flu Virus
Flu Virus

merisarkar news service.
New Delhi, October 10, 2009

Health Ministry has reported on Friday that more than 380 patients have died due to H1N1 virus in the country till October 09, 2009. The ministry informed that six deaths have been reported during the day – two deaths from Karnataka, four deaths from Andhra Pradesh.

Health ministry officials said that 149 new cases of Swine Flu have been confirmed on Friday. Out of the total cases discovered on Friday only one had foreign travel history and rest are indigenous cases.

Maharashtra is the worst affected state from the disease with 153 deaths so far. Southern state of Karnataka is the second most affected state from the disease with 108 deaths so far.

Andhra Accounts for 42 deaths so far while 36 deaths have occurred in the western state of Gujarat.

15 deaths have so far been reported from national capital Delhi due to H1N1 virus.



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