World nuclear order can not be discriminatory: India

merisarkar news service.
New Delhi, September 27, 2009

India has said that it attaches the highest priority to the goal of nuclear disarmament and has an impeccable non-proliferation record but it opposes a world nuclear order that is discriminatory in the nature.

India’s external affairs minister S.M. Krishna said in the 64th meeting of United Nations General Assembly that India welcomes renewed global debate on achieving a world free of nuclear weapons and “this corresponds with India’s longstanding and consistent advocacy of nuclear disarmament”

However, Indian leader emphasized that the “international nuclear order cannot be discriminatory”. Further, states must fulfill the obligations they have undertaken.

Mr. Krishna said, “Last year India reiterated its proposal for a Nuclear Weapons Convention for banning the production, development, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons and to provide for their complete elimination within a specified time-frame.”

India said it will continue to engage with key countries with the hope that greater international understanding could lead to a firm commitment for action on nuclear disarmament.

Indian leader said that India remains committed to a voluntary, unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing.

SM Krishna
SM Krishna


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